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Have you already woken up from the dream? If not – wake up!
Are you living the life you’ve always wanted?
Or are you stressed out from work, from your partner, or from everyday life?
Do you finally need a holiday? Are you waiting for the next weekend again?
Are you really happy and content?

Do you wake up and think: Wow, a new day! I’m looking forward to it! What can I experience today?

What is TH Philosophy in a nutshell?

It is a philosophy, a way of life, to be able to live a beautiful life. A life full of peace and serenity. As well as joy and deep contentment.

Inspiration of the Week

Peace within and the chaos outside can be endless. A true art of living.

What They Say

TH Philosophy - The Way of Peace and Serenity

What the hell is TH Philosophy (The Hao Philosophy)?

It is a guide to a beautiful life.
A system that cultivates body and mind.
For maintaining and restoring balance.

It is nothing new, it is knowledge, it is wisdom, techniques, methods from ancient Eastern traditions as well as from Western modernity. Personal development and spirituality; united in a unique synthesis.

It is a philosophy that is constantly changing. It is nothing tangible, nothing dogmatic.
And yet it has a trunk and a structure like a mighty tree.
A path that can be followed. A way that is for people who long for “more” in life.
It is a way of life for a life full of peace and serenity.

What is it for?

Primary inner focus

Deep inner peace (contentment, bliss, unconditional love and joy)

Primary outer focus

Own purpose/vocation (making the world a little better, e.g. supporting people in need)

Secondary focus

Fulfilment in all areas of life: Health (physical and mental), relationships (friendships, family, partnership), career (financial stability), self-actualisation (personality development/ spirituality).


  • Mentoring
  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Cultivating balance
  • Inner work
    (self-awareness, self-knowledge, self-transformation)
  • Integration of all levels:
    Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.
  • Mindfulness

Physical level

Our body is our vehicle. If we do not maintain our vehicle, it will most likely rust. The condition of the body reflects our mind and soul. The interaction between mind and body can be immense. I am convinced that often physical ailments are due to physiological causes.
Exercise and a healthy diet are essential for the body in the long term. Healthy body, can mean healthy mind.


Mental level

Our mind and spirit is something fascinating. Through thoughts we can create our reality. Whether consciously or unconsciously. With our consciousness we can control what we think and what we feel, how we behave. Our thoughts can be in the past, in the future or in the now.
The mind can categorise and evaluate many things. On the one hand, this can be good and make life easier for us, but it can also be a hindrance if we quickly put everything into pigeonholes; and evaluate everything positively or negatively.
If we look at evolution, our mind has always looked for danger in order to provide security.
This is why mindfulness plays an extremely important role. If we can consciously perceive our thoughts, we can recognise the nature of our thoughts. And, if necessary, direct our focus on what we want in life.

True freedom can mean the non-identification of the mind/ego. Then we are no longer “the voices” in our head, but can observe the thoughts or the mind with our consciousness. Thus we are no longer at the mercy of our own thought structures and automatisms.



Emotional level

Emotions and feelings make us alive. Be it positive or negative. A biochemical mixture, energy that wants to move, something that wants to express itself.

When it comes to old, negative feelings that come up again and again. So it can be feelings that have not been fully felt or are “stuck”.
People who “trigger” us or trigger strong negative feelings in us can be seen as messengers. Messengers who show you that these certain feelings that are already present in us may be looked at.

On a higher level of consciousness, the same can apply as with thoughts. When feelings are no longer judged between good or bad, then we can truly be free. Free from the identification of feelings. Free from external circumstances that can throw us off balance.


 Energetic / spiritual level

There is a level of consciousness outside our materially visible world. The metaphysical, the intangible. 

The energy gives us life. Life energy, life force. 

In Western alternative medicine it is called bioenergy, among other things.

In Chinese Taoism it is called Qi, in Indian Hinduism Prana. In Western Christian mysticism it was also called light. 

In Qi Gong (literally translated: energy work), physical and psychological complaints are due to energetic blockages.

When we are in balance with our own energy as well as in harmony with the energy of our environment, we are in unity. At peace, connected with ourselves and the world.

In life, two main paths can be distinguished. 

One is the “Yang path”, the path of the discipline of focus. Clarity, willpower, the masculine. Movement, active action. Having goals and visions. 

Taking life into one’s own hands, taking one’s own responsibility instead of seeing oneself as a victim of circumstances.

On the other hand, the “yin way”, the way of surrender and acceptance. The trust, the receiving. The feminine. Love, lightness and connection.

Trust in God, in the divine, in life. Perceiving the signs of life, listening to the heart and intuition. 


When we truly recognise who we are, a new life can begin.

We are all connected. We are not separate from the Divine, we are part of the Divine, we are the Divine.

Sessions Done
Happy Customer
Years of Experience

Who I am (short version)

My name is The Hao, I come from the Black Forest.

I see it as my life’s work and calling to support people in freeing themselves from all the stress in their everyday lives; so that they can lead a life full of peace and serenity.
I would like to convey this path with my philosophy.
In the form of mentoring, meditation and movement.

My story (long version):

My story (long version):
Who the hell am I anyway? That’s a damn good question. As a teenager, I asked myself that a lot. Who am I?
The standard answer would be: I’m The Hao, raised in the Black Forest, with Vietnamese roots. Former social worker.

Raised between two cultures, Vietnamese upbringing, German environment.
For a long time I searched for my identity, was I Vietnamese or German?
In my youth I had a great interest in philosophies of life and wisdom. Among other things, I read books by well-known spiritual teachers.
I always wanted to know more. The practice of meditation as well as martial arts fascinated me.

Deep phases affected me as a young adult. I did not know where to go. I did not know what to do in this world. I asked myself again who I was.
All this led me even more to the subject of personal development and spirituality.
I was very dissatisfied with my life.

My travels and stays abroad had a strong impact on my life and personality.
Especially my first trip after graduating from high school opened new doors in my life.
In Australia and Southeast Asia, I learned a lot about people, country and culture; and especially about myself. Travelling alone most of the time in foreign countries felt like pure freedom to me. It also made me reflect on my own personality and views again and again.

In the long run, I found it difficult to free myself from certain negative habits and behavioural patterns. Over the years, I have tested and practised several techniques and methods. In personal development and in modern and traditional spirituality. From books, courses, seminars. From coaches, spiritual teachers, masters of martial arts, shamans.
I searched like an obsessive for answers. Philosophies, wisdom, a certain technique that gave me what I was looking for.

Today I see life with different eyes. Year by year I have come closer to myself. I have found myself more.
Day by day, I have become wiser, I have gained new insights about myself and about life. I no longer see my path clouded. I see my path with clarity.
The path of calm and serenity.

Today I see much more the meaning of my deep stages of life. I want to pass on my knowledge, experience and wisdom to my fellow human beings; so that a little more peace, light and love can reign in the world (I know, sounds cheesy. But it is.).

This is what every human being needs. Every baby as well as every adult ultimately longs deep inside for love and security. To come home. To oneself and to life.


Studies in Social Work (Bachelor)
Training in Transpersonal Coaching

Certificates and further education

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher
CEPC Life Coach (Certfied Elite Performance Coaching)
Motivational interviewing
Trauma Pedagogy

Working method:

– Friendly and relaxed atmosphere
– undogmatic
– Regular independent practice exercises required in everyday life
– Techniques and methods are individually adapted

Calm and serenity
Holistic approach (I know, it’s used inflationarily, but whatever)
Vision: Different ways of looking at the “problems

The Way of Tranquility & Serenity

Mentoring – Meditation – Embodiment



Online Sessions



Mentoring over a longer period of time

Are you ready for change? Are you finally ready to invest time and energy in yourself? In your life, in your future.
Or is it actually quite comfortable in your comfort zone?
If you are content with an “okay” life, then you can stay on the couch.

Even if TH Philosophy is called The Way of Calm and Serenity, it also requires discipline and willpower. It is for people who are ready to change their lives for the better. Free from all the stress, worries and fears.
To create a life full of joy, peace and serenity.

For whom?
Women and men who feel stressed by everyday life.
Managers and people with leadership functions

Spiritually interested people and spiritual practitioners
People who really want to change something in their lives
People who are ambitious in pursuing their goals and dreams
People who are willing to step out of their comfort zone
People who want more out of life than just working and waiting for the weekend to arrive

For what?
A life full of peace and serenity
More joy, happiness and contentment
To enjoy life more consciously

Clarity for one’s own life path and life purpose
To feel more comfortable with oneself and one’s body
To improve physical and mental well-being
To become a master of life
To create a better world

Current sessions / courses

Individual Coaching

  • Free introductory talk
  • Individual coaching
  • Analysis from different perspectives
  • Guided "inner journey
  • Integration of the experience
  • Teaching of individually adapted techniques for everyday life

Bronze - I'm finally tackling it

  • Free introductory talk
  • 3 months, personal mentoring
  • 1x per week THM1 Exercises for body and mind
  • 1x per week THM2 Breathing meditation
  • 1x per week coaching session (12x coaching sessions in total)
  • Facebook group
  • Contact via chat and voice message (every day except Sundays)
  • 3 Main Steps:
  • Recognise (Where am I?)
  • Vision (What do I want?)
  • Implementation (How do I get there?)

Silver - I am ready to live my life in peace and serenity

  • 6 months personal support
  • 2x per month coaching session
  • 1x per week THM1 Exercises for body and mind
  • 1x per week THM2 Breathing meditation
  • Every 2nd week coaching session
  • Facebook group
  • Contact via chat and voice message (every day except Sundays)
  • 4 main steps:
  • Recognition (mindfulness)
  • Vision (vocation/ mission)
  • Obstacles (recognise and dissolve blockages) Re-create (realise and start a new life)

Gold - I am courageous, I give everything to finally be able to lead my dream life - full of peace and serenity

  • Free introductory talk
  • 12 months personal support
  • 1x per week THM1 Exercises for body and mind
  • 1x per week THM2 Breathing meditation
  • 2x per month coaching session
  • Facebook group
  • Contact via chat and voice message (every day except Sundays)
  • Accompanying book (digital): "TH Philosophy – Guidance"
  • 6 main steps:
  • Recognition (mindfulness)
  • Self-knowledge (personality, identity)
  • Vision (vocation/ mission)
  • Obstacles (recognise and dissolve blockages) Re-create (realise and start a new life)
  • Integration (practical implementation, reflection)
  • Re-creation (starting a new life)

Crystal - I lead with strength and heart - to make the world a little better

  • 6 or 12 months coaching for leaders and people with leadership functions
  • 2x per month coaching session
  • 1x per week THM1 Exercises for body and mind
  • 1x per week THM2 Breathing meditation
  • Speciality:
  • Focus on efficiency, discipline, mindfulness combined with time management
  • Teaching of short and efficient exercises
  • Main steps are individually adapted
  • Facebook group
  • Contact via chat and voice message (every day except Sundays)
  • Accompanying book (digital): "TH Philosophy - Guidance"


  • Training for body and mind
  • Duration: Approx. 1 1/2 hrs.


  • Breathing meditation for calmness and serenity
  • Every Sunday 16.30 hrs
  • Duration: Approx. 1 hr.


  • Group coaching
  • Duration: Approx. 1 to 1 1/2 hrs.

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